New Stock of Arowana Fish Arrivals - February 3rd 2020

Happy Monday everyone.  Can you believe it's already February?  2020 is going to fly by so quick!

We've got in some new arrivals this past month for the new 2020 year.  As fellow monster fish keeping Arowana fish lovers, we always do our best to get the most sought after specimens for all of you lovely Dragon-Fish connoisseurs.

The Leucistic Silver Arowana is on hand with just around a dozen in stock in our livestock holding room. The Leucistic Arowana has everything that the gorgeous Albino variation of the Silver Arowana has (coloration, fins, pigmentation, etc) minus the eyes.  Some Arowana hobbyists and local fish stores will label this as an Albino but it realistically is a Leucistic Silver Arowana.  

The Black Arowana (some call it the Blue Arowana) is already on hand, with just around a dozen on hand as well.  As these Arowanas are not captive-bred yet, they are typically wild-caught when the right season comes around (sustainable practice to ensure the population doesn't decline).  

We also have some very active and huge appetite (come on, what Arowana doesn't have an appetite) Jardini Arowana Fry in stock.  These little baby sized Jardini Arowanas are around 3" so it makes them perfect for growing out to their beastly size when reaching adulthood . 

And as always, the Silver Arowana is in stock on a regular basis.  We have them in a few different sizes.  There are a handful of Silver Arowana Fry on hand that are hardy and no longer have their egg yolk sacs (sensitive during this stage).  The 5-6" juveniles and 7-8" juvenile Silver Arowanas are also on hand at this moment.  

We're proud to be your one-stop shop for Arowanas and Arowana-based knowledge and resource.  

Happy Arowana Fish Keeping, everyone!

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