Arowana FAQs

Arowana.Co's FAQs

As an aspiring Arowana fish keeper, you've got a lot of questions and we are here to help those with an interest to learn!  We have all been there as a newbie aquarist just getting into keeping fish in an aquarium and there was many unanswered questions and confusion in the beginning stages.

Are Arowanas illegal in the US?

Yes and no.  There are a handful of species perfectly legal in the states.  The Silver Arowana (including the Albino & Leucistic variations), the Black Arowana (also known as the Blue Arowana), the Leichardti Arowana, the Jardini Arowana, African Arowana and if you consider this closely related bony-tongue fish to be one, the Arapaima.  

The Asian Arowana is a fish that has been banned from being imported into the US since the 1980s.  No, we cannot and will not get this fish for you, no matter how much money you offer us.  We abide by the rules.  For the meanwhile, let's all admire these beauties via the internet or during our international travels.  

More FAQs coming soon, stay tuned!